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Myself in the clay

Ceramic Workshop for Elementary School Students

Duration: 14 Hours

Clay is an ideal material for a Junior School kid: it’s very handly and is pleasure to modelling, it’s recyclabe, economical and can be used in bigger quantities. It can be models with care or violence, pierces with fingers or objects and allows the kid to express his own fantasy and creativity, as well as positively release his aggressive load.

The aim is to strengthen the emotionality, the sociability and the creativity of the kid as well as the tactile cognitive and sensorial aspects.

Contents and possible acitivities

  • ceramic History and Techniques hint
  • design of their own ceramic object
  • some of the possible activities simpy starts from the modelling/handling of the clay, with creations of bas-relief with fingerprints, texts and other up to the realization of necklaces, masks and various figures use differet shapes such cubes, balls and plain surfaces. The course can be organized depending on age and outcome goals. The duration is around 14 hours but could be also adjusted depending of the type of activities


14 Hours


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