Marc Ceramica Design

Courses for social disability support

it's a unique experience made up of emotions and memories

Freely handing a plastic material as the clay can be helpful to deal with social discomfort situations. Every one of Us who worked with their hands in the clay forgot what feels like in that moment: it’s a unique experience made up of emotions and memories. This material can be worked with gentleness or with hardness, taking the inner emotions and substance giving those a shape. Clay is amazing, it takes, it absorbs and brings out things from You.



The courses of this range are directed to any organisation, federation, society or public institutions that operate in the social field. During the last years many types of social operations have been set up, either for disabled persons, convict persons and new migrants; many of those see the participation of the European Social Fund. Many personalised ceramic objects have been created, with great satisfaction, by the individuals participating at this social programs, which have often been exposed to the public in exhibitions and fairs.

During this project We collaborated with:

  • MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts of Trento and Rovereto
  • ELIDORO Social Cooperative (Riva del Garda)
  • Rovereto Prison
  • Trento Prison
  • Frosinone Prison
  • Social Professional School “Emmanuel Lévinas” (Bolzano)
  • Countess Lene Thun Foundation (Bolzano)
  • Con.Solida (Trento)
  • Social Cooperative ITER (Rovereto)
  • SOS Village Zaragoza (Spagna)
  • Family House “Laura Leroux” (Frosinone)
  • C.I.R.S. Italian Social Rehabilitation Centre (Bolzano)
  • C.I.R.S. Italian Social Rehabilitation Centre (Trento)
  • “Joy Village” - Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Etica Mundi – (Merano – BZ)
  • “Ruth Volgger” Foundation (La Paz, Bolivia)
  • Policlinico “Gemelli” rep. Oncologia infantile (Roma)
  • Psychiatry Operational Unit (Trento)
  • A.I.P.D. Down Persons Italian Association (Mantova)
  • Social Cooperative Mimosa (Riva del Garda)