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Adults courses

it's a comparison moment with ourself

Modelling and shaping with our hands the natural material from our earth, the clay, it’s a comparison moment with ourself, a moment of enrichment of our perception, a way of express our inner creative potential to others, so that, through the use of the four elements ground, water, fire and air we’ll be able to create our object.

Introduction to Ceramic – From the clay to the final object

Duration: 16 Hours
Location: San Michele all'Adige



Ceramic advanced course

Duration: 15 Hours
Location: Rovereto (TN)


Of course!

Basic ceramic course for adults

Duration: 27 Hours
Location: Rovereto (TN)

Argilla naturalmente

Ceramic Artisan-ship

Ceramic course at the Museum

Duration: 27 Hours
Location: Customs and Traditions of the Trentino People Museum

artigianato ceramico