Marc Ceramica Design


with the same materials and techniques used at the origins

Since many years, ceramic arts are renovated at the Marc CeramicDesign workshop, especially antique majolica stoves. Those are disassembled, cleaned and put back together, ready to be installed to give a warm pleasure to the owners for a very long time again.

Missing pieces are recreated using the same materials and technique as the original one. Lot of attention is directed to the details for the perfect compatibility and homogeneity of the colours, the surface and for the final aesthetic look.



“SFRUZ” Stove from middle ’800

(Trentino, Italy)

Beautiful stove with the classic white drips, with a very rare green tonality. Has been a difficult renovation due to the missing of many parts, including the submittal part.

Stufa Sfruz
Particolare Stufa Sfruz

“Bormiolli n°10″ Stove from end ’700

Renovated in 2012
(Trentino, Italy)

It’s one of the first stoves made by Bormioli Company in Trento, Italy. Every piece is marked with the production number 10, as a tradition from this prestigious Company. It has been an arduous and satisfying renovation work due to the large quantity of tiny and damaged parts.

Stufa Bormiolli
Particolare Stufa Bormiolli

“Rokoko” Stove from middle ’700

Renovated in 2013

Rare and stately stove, made of a magnificent aquamarine colour with white decorations.
It was missing the rear link parts.

Stufa Rokoko
Particolare Stufa Rokoko