Marc Ceramica Design


un antico mestiere si rinnova ogni giorno con passione

The clay, the hands and the fire; that’s how an ancient profession renews every day with passion in our workroom. Unique designed items for decoration and use, masterly worked by professional hands and designed with accurate irony and liberty that creates suggestive and unique surfaces. Items are created following a total crafts and limited process. Unrepeatable objects with a valuable and endurance profile intended for a competent public.

The client, followed step by step into its dreams and desires, can realise its projects following all the production pathway, adapting its vision to the technical capacities in order to appreciate a totally crafts product.
You can listen to the interview with Giuseppe Marcadent conducted by the students of Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado “Bonporti” which was live on Radio presenting the “Mountain Artisans” show.


Fase del lavoro