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School related courses

discovering the pleasure of how the material changes and modifies

The kid loves to work with the clay; touch, manipulate and play with the material means modelling the exterior reality, its actions leave a mark and that’s a very important self expression. When a kid draws he/she never aims to any final design or structure, but tries to play with the material consistency, discovering the pleasure of how it changes and modifies.

Vertical City

Innovative ceramic course with the use of Paperclay for middle school students

Duration: 16 Hours

città verticali

Myself in the clay

Ceramic Workshop for Elementary School Students

Duration: 14 Hours

il mio io nella creta

Fingers in the pie

Discovery, modelling and games with the clay for Kindergarten kids

Duration: 14 Hours

mani in pasta

The ancient construction of stoves and the ceramic art in Trentino Region

Location: Customs and Traditions of the Trentino People Museum

Duration: 3 Hours

san michele