Marc Ceramica Design

The ancient construction of stoves and the ceramic art in Trentino Region

Location: Customs and Traditions of the Trentino People Museum

Duration: 3 Hours

The path gives value to the prestigious collection of stoves in the Museum and the various traditional objects that in the past were used for the conservation, cooking and consumption of food such jugs,mugs, glasses and more. The course shows all the process from the exctraction of the clay material up its working stages and, through the cooking, to the final transformation into ceramic. During the visit in the multiple rooms of the museum, all the methods of building and working of the stoves are explained, with some deepening into the decoration aspect. There’s also a practical demostration for the use the ceramic lathe.
In collaboration with the Ceramic Master Giuseppe Marcadent, a final demostration of some modelling techniques is gonna involve the kid directly into the modelling of the clay (colombino and hollow ball techniques).

Fore more informations You can visit the Museum website at this link.


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