Marc Ceramica Design

Fingers in the pie

Discovery, modelling and games with the clay for Kindergarten kids

Duration: 14 Hours

Why Clay?

Clay is a natural material, very handly and malleable, it has a nice and soft touch, with the right temperature that assumes every desired shape. Clay puts the kid in a phase where different operations are coordinated together, such the hands movement, the sight, the hearing and the smell. It’s a material that allows infinity forms of building shapes and forms, even three-dimensional. Contains also elements as weight, volume and resistance.

Playing with the clay involves feelings, emotions as well as a creative and ideational sense. It offers amazing game-socialising possibilities.

The project can be devided into these sessions below, about 2 hours each.:

Hands in the clay

modelling,transform, do and destroy in the first approach with the clay

Prints, shapes and games

with shells,lids and different shapes a magic world can be created

A clay paper… what a surprise!

sticks to dig, engrave and draw in different ways

Little architects (2 sessions)

let’s build the flowers, the houses and the cities on a clay plate

Colors on Our treasures (2 sessions)

yellow, red, blue, green and orange to give joy to Our productionsoduzioni