Marc Ceramica Design

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Basic ceramic course for adults

Duration: 27 Hours
Location: Rovereto (TN)

This basic course will introduce you to the fascinating world of the ceramic modelling.
It aims to give You the fundamentals to work with the ceramic, the techniques and their applications and it will lead to the combination of the natural elements such fire, ground, water and air for the composition of Your own ceramic art piece.

Through the composition stages, the clay modelling, due to it’s distensibility, allows You to develop an higher tactile sensibility and a better manual shaping. It will help to improve the space and volumes perception and the personal decoration sense and taste to grow.


  • know the story and the ceramic art history
  • classify and understand the characteristics of the ceramic products
  • execute properly the various modelling techniques
  • projecting Your own ceramic producers
  • keep the right posture during the work process
  • being able to “look after” the fire in a ceramic cooking oven


27 Hours


Argilla naturalmente