Marc Ceramica Design


Ceramic advanced course

Duration: 15 Hours
Location: Rovereto (TN)

During the centuries, even if very slowly, the ceramic techniques evolved and upgraded with new intuitions and discoveries. Within the research of new solutions, Paperclay is a very interesting news that leads to unimaginable new technical and artistic possibilities. It’s a mix between clay and paper pulp. This mix has particular characteristics that make it different from normal clay: it’s lighter, more solid both cooked or raw, it’s hardly hacked and easier to repair. In fact some fresh clay could be added to a completely dry or even toasted ceramic piece. Shape this material seems even more spontaneous and simple than classic clay as it resists to fast-exsiccation without any deformation or crack.
It’s also cheaper because any type of recycled or used pulp paper can be mix with the clay; materials and energetic consumption are reduced. Times, locations and technical problems are simplified, braking down many of the traditional techniques limitations.
The new  fabrication capabilities and expansion of the ceramic knowledge also increases the interest for it as modern art.


15 Hours