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Giuseppe Marcadent: Artisan Master

They were called ‘Constructor Masters’. They knew how to handle the consistency of the stones, how to cut and square them out, how to give them a shape and some elegance. They knew about this stones so well that those one became ‘live elements’ to define spaces and emotions.
Stones that, like magnificent notes played from an organ, became characteristic ‘live’ elements in Cathedrals and Churches, with a ravishing touch of Roman and Gothic scenery and rising magnificently with a solemn and sacred character in the normality of the other buildings in the cities.
That’s what come out in my mind when entering the room where Giuseppe Marcadent has collected all his particular original and fine artworks.
He’s defining himself an “Artisan Master”, as the ones that were “Constructor Masters”. Artisan because all his attention is turning on materials quality and on the vital forms engraved into the artwork.

Carlo Adolfo Fia